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A list of recommended software for web developers

Dreamweaver- Web Development Hub - Recommended Software

Dreamweaver is the most comprehensive and useful code editing software out there on the market. It’s the most common program of choice for web developers. On Dreamweaver you can have a split view whereby you can view the design 'live' while you are coding it. When first purchasing it is useful to have a play around to understand the sheer amount of useful tools this software provides. Possibly the most useful aspect is the in-built FTP feature which allows you to upload or download your files within from Dreamweaver rather than downloading another program or logging onto your server. This is also ideal for beginner developers as this tool can do a lot of the work for you and can provide the code automatically for you. You can also connect to the websites database which is again a great feature.

Photoshop Web Development Hub - Recommended Software

Photoshop is the leading photo editing software made by Adobe. The software is packed with some excellent features. This makes it ideal for designing websites, I would recommend getting used to all the features first as it can take some time to become accustomed to the software. However once you are up to speed it is very easy to create website designs and create the designs you may have in mind. In the web design industry Photoshop is commonly used. When purchasing Photoshop, there is a low monthly cost. There is also capabilities to download plugins to allow more features and tools. For example you can download a plugin to allow you to search stock images from within the Photoshop window, this makes the software incredibly versatile and can speed up the process of the projects you work on

Studio Visual Code
Studio Visual Code Web Development Hub - Recommended Software

Visual Studio Code is the polar opposite of Dreamweaver. This has very few in built features but it prides itself on being purely a code editor to hand write code. Their default colour scheme allows for extra easy readability while coding which is great. Although it hasn’t got many tools and features you can install plug-ins E.g. installing the jQuery library to allow automatic suggestions for the code your writing. Being able to easily have three windows open on one screen for your HTML, CSS and then you Javascript means there’s no time wasted switching between windows and opening files. The great thing with this editor is it is completely free, so perfect for those who want to practice some coding before spending money on more advance software.

File Zilla - Web Development Hub - Recommended Software

File Zilla is a cross platform FTP client. It has lots of intuitive tools to allow you to quickly and easily move your files from your computer to your web server. Luckily File Zilla is free for everyone to download and for this reasons it’s probably the most commonly used FTP client for web developers. FileZilla makes it incredibly easy, even for those who have never used FTP systems before. Although there are plenty of programs in competition with FileZilla, this has always been many people’s choice as people find it very intuitive and simple. Remember if you have Dreamweaver you have no need for this software as Dreamweaver allows you to upload to your server within the code editor itself.