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An insight into the two useful online code editors

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JSBin is the first online code editor I ever used. I loved the simplicity of it. This website makes it easy to add custom libraies and frameworks and the windows are easily customisable to change them just how you like them. By logging into the website you can save the code you have written for a future date. Another powerful element to this tool is the keyboard shortcuts, just like you tend to get on the high quality code editing software. This allows you to do many things much quicker than normal. This editor also comes with a console as well so you can easily debug your javascript. This feature is missing from many other online editors.

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JS Fiddle is a good alternative which has lots of features. The best feature for me is the collaboration tool. This allows you to invite anyone to view your work to allow them to help, assist or provide ideas for you. It can be a very interactive way of learning and experimenting. All you need to do is provide the link, share it with others and they can use this URL to see your window. If you ask a question on a forum you can give others a link to your fiddle. Audio chat is also available to allow you to communicate easily with others. Another aspect is the Tidy button, this will automatically tidy up your code which will aid in readability of you code.