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A range of websites chosen to help give you ideas and inpiration

CSS Deck - Web Development Hub - Ideas

CSS Deck is a huge playground for coders out there, it is a huge library with over 50,000 users registered resulting in over 200,000 projects created. The home page features some of the best picks at any given time. There is also a popular list showing those which have been viewed a lot of times. CSS Deck now offers ‘Codecasts’ which provide a video explanation to show how to code things yourself. There is also a list of courses split into different areas of HTML, CSS and JavaScript which aims to help you learn the basics of each by watching others code.

CodePlayer - Web Development Hub - Ideas

TheCodePlayer is a video based website showing exactly what you can do in the world of web development. Whether it’s how to make a calculator or how to make a slideshow, this site has a great deal of material to provide inspiration. You can either view the code or watch the video walkthrough which will show you how something was coded from the start right to the finish, this is also great for beginners to watch someone more advanced show what they can do.

CodePen - Web Development Hub - Ideas

CodePen is probably the biggest and most active community within the coding playground. This is for people to show what they are capable of and to inspire others. Pens are easily created by anyone and these can be saved for anyone to see in the huge library of Pens. The ‘Picked Pens’ provide some of the most interesting and talented code on offer and is well worth a look. A quick search using the search function will return an amazing amount of content back for whatever you’re after.

Codrops - Web Development Hub - Ideas

Codrops is a great website with a whole host of features, the ‘Playground’ section has some great code examples. This is a more instruction based playground which attempts to explain every step by step. The website will also allow you to download the code for yourself so you can have a play around with it. In addition to their ‘Playground’ they also have a part of the website called ‘Blueprints’. This is a range of website concepts, components and layouts designed to be easily adapted for others to use.