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An explanation of what this website is all about

Here you will find the ultimate resources and information for Web Developers, perfect for anyone who wants to learn web development. The resources chosen within the site are the same ones many others have used to get to where they are today. The internet has an amazing amount of information, ideal for anyone wanting to learn. This site will help you by taking all the best sources and putting it in one place, so that everyone can have access to the best sources out there. Using the sources provided mixed with a good amount of time dedicated to learning web development will allow for anyone out there to learn how to make websites and web apps, many others are self taught and now you can be.

As well as the resources for learning there are also useful tools which will help you with your web development projects, whether it's a color scheme creator, JavaScript snippets or font libraries to make life easier. A lot of these tools are used amoung the leading developers to help with their projects and this site aims to help ensure no one misses out on any of the most helpful tools out there. Aside from this there are also some other useful information for example recommended software to download and an insight into what to expect from the role as a web developer.

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